Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recipe: Sweet Coconut Coffee Scrub

This is a mashup of a few coffee facial scrub recipes I found online. I either didn't have all the ingredients for one, or I wanted to include something extra to another, so I mixed these four ingredients together and bam! It smells good, it feels amazing, and it leaves the skin incredibly smooth.

Photo by Nomadic Lass, CC BY-SA 2.0, via flickr
Ingredients: Equal parts of the following items (about 2 tablespoons each is good for a small jar):

  • Used coffee grounds
  • Fresh coffee grounds
  • Coconut oil
  • Raw honey

Mix together, rub onto skin, rinse off, and enjoy.

If possible, use organic ingredients. Coffee is one product that is heavily laden with pesticides, so at least having organic coffee is good. The coconut oil is better if it is extra virgin and not too refined. Raw unheated honey has antiseptic properties among other things and is great for nourishing the skin.

One article states that coffee grounds are safe to go down a sink drain, but you can use a drain filter if you want to be extra careful.

Results update: Before making this, I had hoped this scrub would help my skin because I have read that coffee products can help reduce facial redness, which is a big problem of mine. Obviously my skin was very red immediately after the scrubbing, but overnight my skin has already improved slightly from how it looked before I used the scrub. Not only is it still amazingly smooth but I need even less makeup to make my skin look normal.

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