Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vitamins: Cancer Cure or Cancer Cause?

A recent article featured on Natural News introduced readers to a few harms of many store-bought supplements. Indeed, it is not surprising that vitamins have been accused of harmful side effects when they are chemical concoctions as safe and edible as statin drugs.

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One ingredient mentioned in the article is sodium benzoate. When combined with vitamin C, it forms the carcinogenic (cancer-causing) benzene. Even on its own, sodium benzoate has been observed to increase the formation of free radicals, which damage your body on a cellular level.

Another ingredient you will want to steer clear of is magnesium stearate, which is a compound used to lubricate machinery in the production of pills and capsules. Vitamin manufacturers, in the kindness of their hearts, would be sure to use something nontoxic, right? Not quite. Magnesium stearate not only suppresses T-cells, impairing your immune system, but also reduces your body's absorption of nutrients. You end up blocking the very effect you hoped to gain from taking the supplement.

And if you happen to come across methylparaben on a supplement's ingredient list, don't even think about taking it. It has been connected to breast tumors, eye and skin damage, and fertility issues. Unless their parents dare to read up on prescriptions from their doctor, even babies are at risk of being poisoned by methylparaben and a host of other synthetics.

Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate react with other ingredients in the supplements to create carcinogens, and can stick around in the body for years, causing allergic reactions.

Need I also mention the detrimental effect of sugar and dyes in kids' vitamins? Although, considering the list above, they may actually be a couple of the safer ingredients you'll find in those cherry-flavored cancer-causing chewables.

As the NN article advises, be sure to know what you are taking. Research any ingredient you can't positively identify. And be sure to set a good foundation by eating a proper diet and leading a healthy lifestyle so your body can receive the optimal benefit from the quality supplements you may decide to use.

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